Vermont Tortilla Company

Organic Corn Tortillas
Nixtamalized in Vermont
Gluten Free | Preservative Free | Non-GMO


Ingredients: Corn, Water, Slaked Lime


Certified Organic by Vermont Organic Farmers

Vermont Tortilla Company Breakfast Tortillas
So much yum, so little time

Vermont Tortilla Company

Certified Organic | Kosher | Clean Label

The Healthy Tortilla

Transforming field corn into a super-food, nixtamalized corn unlocks amino acids and essential nutrients

Nixtamalized in Vermont

Using the process of nixtamalizing corn, this authentic process has been used since 1500BC. Authentic process, authentic taste.

Clean Label Product

We don't use fillers or preservatives, sticking to only 3 ingredients: Organic Corn, Water, and Slaked Lime (Turmeric tortillas have organic turmeric powder)

Fresh Masa

Using volcanic stones, we grind the fresh nixtamal into masa. The masa (dough) is then used to make all sorts of products, including our organic corn tortillas

Organic and Local

Locally sourced non-GMO organic corn (18 miles from the factory!) is the pride of our tortillas.

Real Deal

As this is Gluten Free, 100% Whole Grain, non-GMO, and Preservative Free, it is an obvious source of good food for all.

One-Stop Solution

Ready to try the tortillas?

We offer a few options to get your tortilla needs fulfilled

  • Our 6 inch organic corn tortilla is the heart of the products we make. Sold in bulk to restaurants, food trucks, and other venues; also in individual retail packages of 10 tortillas each.

  • Our 6 inch turmeric organic corn tortilla is a venture for our turmeric lovers. We add organic turmeric powder before cooking the masa to get a beautiful turmeric tortilla

  • Our 4 inch organic corn tortilla, AKA "Street Tacos" are a staple of any event. Popular for holding Hors d'oeuvres, and being only a few bites each ideal for social gatherings

  • Our fresh masa is made every day with freshly nixtamalized organic dent corn from a local farm (18 miles from the factory!) for a soft, palatable, pliable, versatile product


Tortillas made per week on average


Certified Organic by Vermont Organic Farmers


Years delivering wholesome tortillas to your table

Meet the Founders

April and Azur say hello!

April and Azur are both trained scientists that met at a research station in the tropical rainforests of Costa Rica (Azur is Costa Rican). From there, they lived in a variety of places before moving to Vermont, where April worked as an Environmental Scientist & Azur had positions in environmental advocacy. 

In 2015, they both wanted a change – both wanting to be self-employed in a business that they felt was engaging and important. With their shared love of food they decided to venture into the food business.

Our Fans Love Us

A great tortilla speaks for itself

Often we get praise from everyone who enjoys our tortillas. We are constantly being told thank you for a clean label product, and the impact we are having on others lives in a positive manner. Simply being able to eat the tortillas has positively impacted many people.

Getting local praise
  • Many go the extra mile to say thanks! This brings a huge smile to our faces at the factory. We appreciate everyone and thank everyone for the praise!

You've made it this far, still got questions?

Here's a few of the more common questions we get

  • 4 Inch Nutrition Facts
  • 6 Inch Nutrition Facts
  • They are not certified gluten free due to the cost of the certification program.  They are gluten free (our recipe has been tested by a laboratory for gluten) and they are processed in a gluten free facility.

  • They are- all certified organic products are also non-GMO.

  • It depends how you bought them.  If you bought them frozen they last 24 days in the fridge.

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