The Rogue Brussels Sprout's Thanksgiving Leftover Tacos

The Rogue Brussels Sprout's Thanksgiving Leftover Tacos

Looking for a creative way to give your Thanksgiving leftovers a makeover? How about a Thanksgiving Leftover Taco! Just stuff all your favorite leftovers into a Vermont Tortilla Company organic corn tortilla for a fun, easy meal on the day (or several days!) after Thanksgiving. Making leftovers feel fresh and new is a great way to avoid food waste, and these Thanksgiving Leftover Tacos are sure to be crowd-pleasers.


Vermont Tortilla Company 6’’ organic corn tortillas

Sweet potato mash or sweet potato casserole

Other Thanksgiving leftovers of choice (shown here: roasted delicata squash, seared green beans, and wild rice stuffing)

Cranberry sauce

Roasted salted pepitas

Drizzle of hot sauce, optional


Heat the corn tortillas directly over a gas burner or in a microwave wrapped in a barely-damp towel.

Spread each tortilla with a generous smear of sweet potato mash or sweet potato casserole; this will help your other ingredients stay in place and will give your taco some moisture. (Hint: if you’re working with a sweet rather than savory potato dish, mix a pinch of cayenne into the potatoes to offset the sweetness).

Load the taco up with all your favorite Thanksgiving leftovers.

Top each taco with a spoonful of cranberry sauce, then garnish with a sprinkle of roasted salted pepitas.

Serve with hot sauce if desired.



    This recipe was developed and photographed by Lee of @TheRogueBrusselSprout. You can find Lee’s blog, including many colorful, plant-filled recipes, at