Roasted Acorn Squash Taco Recipe

Roasted Acorn Squash Taco Recipe


1 acorn squash

Chili powder




2 tsp olive oil

1/2 cup full fat strained yogurt

Pinch of ground chipotle


4 6” tortillas


  1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.
  2. Slice the acorn squash into wedges, scoop out the seeds and dress liberally in olive oil, salt, chili powder and cumin. Arrange on a sheet pan and bake until browned and tender, about 40 minutes.
  3. Meanwhile mix 1/2 cup of full fat strained yogurt with a pinch of ground chipotle, a little salt, a squeeze of lime juice and a splash of olive oil.
  4. Heat 4 tortillas over a low gas flame.
  5. Top each with some of the yogurt, a handful of fresh cilantro, and the roasted squash.