Reaching out and reaching in our local community

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Reaching out and reaching in our local community
On Top visitors came to learn about tortillas.

At Vermont Tortilla Company, we're happy to welcome everyone who wants to share our love for tortillas. We've had visits from both government officials and elementary schools, showing that everyone enjoys our tortillas! Making connections with our local community is really important to us. We want to spread the word about our delicious tortillas made from local and organic corn.

Earlier today, we had a fun visit from students at "On Top," one of Burlington's alternative high schools. These students were full of energy and curiosity as they learned about how our tortillas are made, from the farm to your table. They asked all sorts of questions, like how many tortillas you can make from a pound of dry corn (about 20) and how much money we make each year (let's just say, it's not as much as we'd like!).

It was a joy to engage with such enthusiastic learners and share our knowledge and passion for our craft.