Buy Organic, Buy Fresh, Buy Authentic

When you want the real deal, our organic corn tortillas are top notch. 3 Ingredients, no preservatives or fillers

Buy Organic, Buy Fresh, Buy Authentic

Do you remember when they used to have advertisements on the radio and television, and they would tell us how great eggs were for us? "The incredible, edible egg" was definitely a catchy slogan for the ad campaign for the American Egg Board. It worked well for them, because people still love eggs to this day, despite all the backlash about how bad eggs were for you.

It seems that most foods, if not moderated, can be bad for you. Now that we have introduced GMOs, and are using more preservatives to keep our food supply plentiful and lasting longer, there's real concern about what we are actually eating. Food coloring agents are now being questioned, many with links to cancer and other health nightmares. Other additives and preservatives are also being questioned for their health impact.

With all the confusion about what you can or can't eat, what may be bad for you, or super good for you, enter: Vermont Tortilla Company

All of our tortillas are made using the ancient technique of nixtamalization, where the corn is cooked in a solution of slaked lime, then it will sit and steep for 12-14 hours. This process allows the corn to be processed easier, as the tough outer hull of the corn breaks down. This brings forth a rich, buttery flavor that is absolutely amazing fresh from the oven.

When you want to buy a clean label, fresh, certified organic corn tortilla, look no further. Vermont Tortilla Company strives to bring an amazing product, without all the fillers, and zero preservatives. All of our tortillas are Kosher, 100% whole grain, vegan, and are gluten free. Using just three ingredients: Certified Organic Corn, Water, Slaked Lime.

And for those that want a little bit more, we have a turmeric tortilla offering as well. These are the same tortillas as our regular organic corn tortillas, and we add organic turmeric powder to the masa before we run it through the oven. This leaves a delightfully tasteful tortilla, that somehow is even more healthy for you. They really are worth giving a try for sure!

If you're looking for the best corn tortillas to buy, you've found them. Our tortillas are for sale directly at the factory, as well as your local food establishments and restaurants. Does your food establishment not currently carry our tortillas? Let us know, and we will see how we can help out.

You can also buy directly and we will ship them to you. It's mail order tortillas. How cool?