Vermont Tortilla Company is now with Black River Produce

Bringing a local, certified organic corn tortilla to your table. All our tortillas are made using non-GMO corn

Vermont Tortilla Company is now with Black River Produce

You asked for it, and we did it. Order number 1 is being loaded onto the Black River Produce truck, and we couldn't be more excited for our customers.

We have been working with distributors to get our products out on the shelf, so you can enjoy them at home. With Black River Produce, they strive to work with local brands, and local is what we do. Being able to distribute to local companies and customers makes getting that little slice of Vermont that much easier.

All of our non GMO corn tortillas are gluten free, making them the life of the party for anyone wishing to enjoy a wholesome organic tortilla. And with so many different ways to enjoy them, what's stopping you from enjoying local organic corn tortillas?

An assortment of Vermont Tortilla Company tortilla products go out with Black River Produce
Several different Vermont Tortilla Company products go out with Black River Produce for order #1

Our organic corn tortillas can be purchased in several different ways. We have our most popular offering, the 6 Inch Stone Ground Organic Corn Tortillas, a 4 Inch Stone Ground "Street Taco", and we also have the 6 Inch Tortilla with Organic Turmeric added, for a bold flavor and healthy tortilla. We also have bulk offerings for customers looking to purchase in bulk. We can provide bulk for any cooking establishment needs, including everything from food trucks and popup events to schools and hospitals.

Are you looking for bulk tortillas for your food establishment? Reach out for more information

With a product as fresh as the tortillas we produce, it's no wonder customers with Black River Produce are excited to see us on board. We look forward to keeping the Black River customers happy with our organic corn tortillas, made with just 3 ingredients: Corn, Water, and Slaked Lime

Also, new this year, we have a Bulk Cut Chip offering. We take a normal case of bulk 6 inch tortillas, and cut them into quarters. This allows for simple handling when deep frying or baking the chips. It's just one more way our organic tortillas can be used in a so many unique recipes